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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Newark Museum of Art's Late Thursdays hosted an art battle honoring the life of famed Newark artist Jerry Gant. The festive 3rd annual event featured local artists: Yvonne Onque (winner), Suliman Onque, Christopher Reyes, Amanda Thackray, Malik Whitaker, Matilda Forsberg, Steve Green and "wild card" Nelson. The 8 artists had 30 minutes to feverishly create a painting inspired by Gant's "Brick City Bop". In additional to the competitive battle, the evening featured a screening of Gant performing Brick City Bop (Brown 70 Films), a Break Dance performance and an interactive art canvas by Rorshach Art Collective. Plus, there was a riveting, live performance collaboration with tap dancer Maurice Chestnut, poet K. Desiree Milwood, bass player Chris Berger and Gsilva Sound. It was hosted by the charismatic Darryl Dwayne with great music by DJ Duce Martinez. This Late Thursday edition was produced in partnership with Gallery Aferro, Pink Dragon Management and Brick City Jam. At the end of the night, all of the paintings were raffled off to the attendees. Oh yeah, the food was delicious and alcoholic drinks were strong (so I heard).

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