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Celebrating 50 Yrs of Hip-Hop in 48 Hours

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

To celebrate 50 Years of Hip-Hop, I decided to visit a few Hip-Hop events and exhibits during the 50th anniversary weekend in August.

1ST Stop Friday - Bronx Museum of the Arts: I took the D train up to the Bronx to check out Dianne Smith’s Two Turntables & a Microphone exhibit. It celebrated the Black Joy and artistic expressions of identity that Hip-Hop has fostered through its power to build community. There was a cool graffiti piece promoting the exhibit and a class turntable setup. {see pic}.

2ND Stop Friday - Universal Museum of Hip-Hop: After leaving the Bronx Museum, I jumped back on the D train and went one subway stop to Yankee Stadium. As a game was starting, crowds of Yankee fans were all along River Avenue singing "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra. I walked about 15 minutes towards the Bronx Terminal. This was my 3rd time attending this museum. Their new exhibit was called The Golden Era: 1986 - 1990. There was tons of classic memorabilia and a live DJ with the lounge area. Public Enemy is my favorite rap group, so I was mesmerized by the custom, leather Public Enemy jacket by Dapper Dan {see pic}. As I was leaving, I brought a dope, miniature crate of Hip-Hop classic albums. {see pic}

3RD and Final Stop Friday - Hip-Hop at 50: I jumped on the 4 train and ventured down to the Seaport to see the Hip-Hop at 50 exhibit that was located at 22 Fulton Street. There were about a dozen windows displaying classic photos of Hip-Hop artists. {Pic: Stetsasonic) by acclaimed photographer by Janette Beckman. The exhibit was presented by Photoville which produces an annual, city-wide open air photography festival in New York City.

Saturday: 43rd Anniversary of Graffiti Hall of Fame: After a busy Friday and a good night's sleep, I woke up and ventured over to 106 Street and Park in Harlem on Saturday. There was live spray painting, hip hop dancers and a live DJ. The artistry and creativity of graffiti artists was mind blowing. One guy showed up in a Hip-Hop Warriors movie type outfit with a boombox, which was insanely dope. {see pic}. Most of all, I really liked the tribute piece to the late DJ Kay by graffiti artist, Will Power. It was phenomenal. Before I left, I bought a Wild Style t-shirt. {see pic}. I definitely enjoyed myself celebrating 50 years in one weekend. Long live HIP-HOP!!!

I dedicate this blog to Shawn Wynn aka S Tha Mogul. I know he would have enjoyed all of the anniversary events and specials.

1ST STOP FRIDAY - Bronx Arts Museum of the Arts - The Bronx NYC

2ND STOP FRIDAY - Universal Museum of Hip-Hop - The Bronx NYC

3RD & FINAL STOP FRIDAY - Hip-Hop at 50 - The Seaport - NYC

SATURDAY: 43rd Anniversary of Graffiti Hall of Fame - Harlem NYC

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