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Khem Fest: A Collective of Creatives

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

09/24/2022 - After a busy day of running errands and stopping by a few local events, I arrived at Khem Fest late Saturday afternoon. While there, it was great to see and speak with a few people who I haven't seen in-person since pre-pandemic. I also had the pleasure of meeting an amazing artist named Ashley Taylor. I purchased her Of Claw Beak and Feather and her Creatures & Concepts. Also, I picked up Dreadlocks: The Origins by Urban Style Comics.

I have attended Khem Fest events in the past however this year was bigger. There were vendors, creative panels, a gaming room, a creative corner for artists, an award ceremony, a food truck and an after party. There was also a fashion show produced by fashion event guru, Mr. Gerald Holloway. The Khem Fest promotion and production team did a great job this year!!!

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