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ONYX - Adrienne Raquel Makes It Reign

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

NEW YORK CITY - The Fotografiska photography museum has become a sentimental creative space for me. When I launched this website in February 2020, one of my first blog entries was about the Inheritance exhibit by Tawny Chatmon.

In September, when the New York museums reopened, Fotografiska was the first place I visited. I got to experience the stunning Between These Folded Walls, Utopia exhibit by Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer that resulted in another blog post.

Well, my third visit was in April and guess what? I have another blog post... ONYX!!!

Commissioned by Fotografiska - NYC, Onyx is a photography series created by NYC-based photographer and art director Adrienne Raquel. The famed strip club, Club Onyx in Houston is explored in this radiant photographic journey of Southern Strip Club culture.

This exhibit goes beyond the stigma and stereotypes associated with exotic dancing. The dark lighting of the exhibit space and a southern hip hop soundscape mirrors the atmosphere that of a club. Raquel's style is candid, stark and lush. Washed in blue and purple light, her images of these women has a certain weary, glamour. And her black and white photos are gorgeously, moody. The cinematic quality of this photography series manages to capture the determination, sisterhood and humanity of these southern performers.

I absolutely love this exhibit. It reminds me of the dope TV series, P-Valley which follows the lives of several women who work at southern strip club. Which in turn reminds of the sexy, chocolate dancer, on the show named Mississippi who is played by the beautiful Shannon Thornton. LAWD HAVE MERCY!!!

"Hey, Ms. Crooked Letter. I got a few bands to make ya dance, baby", in my Barry White voice. I have to say, I do love me a sweet chocolate fudge, cookie, though. Okay, sorry, y'all. I digress. Hahaha.

Ohhh yeahhh, and by the way, the Onxy gift shop at the museum is so conceptually creative. It has cool items centered around the night life of the club. I had to picked up a few things. The Onyx exhibit runs until August 2021. Go check it out!!!

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