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Dapper During Harlem Fashion Week

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

09/04/2022 - After enjoying Harlem Week, I decided to attend a fashion show during Harlem Fashion Week (HFW). For years as an attendee and as a photographer, I've gone to numerous fashion events in Essex County New Jersey. But this would be my first time attending an HFW event. So, I purchased a Black Card ticket to the 5pm show which gave me access to other Harlem Fashion Week events and discounts at Harlem businesses.

A week before the event, I received an email from HFW announcing that they were going to honor the legendary Harlem Fashion Designer, Dapper Dan for his creative contributions to the Harlem creative and fashion community. This was excited because this was an extra bonus! Growing up, I remember seeing many athletes, celebrities, street hustlers and rappers wearing custom clothing from Dapper Dan. About four years ago, I purchased his book, Made in Harlem which is excellent.

When I arrived at 4:30pm for the 5pm show, there was a long line but it moved quickly. While on line, I enjoyed "people watching". I admired how fashionably dressed the folks in line were. It was like they were ready for their own photo shoot or runway moment. Once inside, it was really cool because there was a rotating photo booth, a wine vendor with 2 stylishly, beautiful women servers and a special lounge for Black card holders. The DJ needed some help but that's a story for another time. For the most part, I enjoyed my Harlem Fashion week experience and will definitely attend future events.

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