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An Evening at the EVAC Exhibit Opening

09/30/2022, NYC - I was excited when The EVAC gallery in the East Village invited me to their Double Sided exhibit opening party. Since launching Rage Against Ordinary back in February 2020, this my first official art opening invitation. So, this was a milestone moment for me.

I arrived at 7:30pm and there was already a line outside. As the staff sorted out the various level of attendees, I stepped aside and indulged in some "people watching" as a vast array of people passed by and assembled in front of the gallery. After waiting 10 minutes, I was accommodated and made my way inside.

Good vibes and energy filled the room. It was cool to be among a diverse crowd of creatives and art enthusiasts mingling on a Friday night.

Vibrant artwork adorned the gallery walls. I gravitated to an Untitled Portrait by an artist named, V. Benjamin because it has an 80s Saturday morning cartoon, Picasso-like feel to it (see below). Also, I had the pleasant of meeting one of the exhibiting artists named Meshelle Melone. She wore a dope, blazer with her art movement, Gurrella Art Project on the back. Her artwork is amazing. (see below).

Once again, congratulations to the EVAC staff on a successful event. Thank you for the experience!!!

Untitled Portrait - V. Benjamin

Gurrella Art Project - Meshelle Melone

Artist Meshelle Melone

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