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Art on the GoGo in DC

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

I visited Washington DC and made my DC tourist stops in my New Balance tennis shoes. My first stop was Ben's Chili Bowl. It was the my first time there. I had 2 half-smokes and the cheese fries. I sat in the booth with President Barack Obama's photo on the wall. After I left there, I wandered over to the infamous "Don't Mute DC" Shaw Metro PCS Store on 7th & Florida Avenue. I bought a Classic Chuck Brown (yes, I said CD). Then, there was the famous wall inside of Ben's Chili Bowl and the dope mural outside. The next day, after having a loaded biscuit (cheddar cheese, fried egg, hash brown, sausage, a dap of avocado and bacon jam in a large butter biscuit) for breakfast at the Unconventional Diner, I walked down through Chinatown to the National Art Gallery to view the Afro-Atlantic Histories exhibition. This powerful exhibit takes an in-depth look at the historical experiences and cultural formations of Black and African people since the 17th century. It consists of more than 130 powerful works of art, including paintings, sculpture, photographs, and time-based media by artists from Africa. After the leaving the museum, for lunch, I went up to U Street and got the OG Nashville Chick sandwich from Roaming Rooster. And for dinner, I got potato skins and delicious wings with mumbo sauce from spot called Stan's. Total DC Vibes!!!

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