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WHO SHOT YA? Behind the Music & Lens with Ernie Paniccioli

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

06/19/2022 - On Juneteenth, we visited the Grammy Museum Experience and saw the A Hip-Hop Life: Five Decades of Hip-Hop Music, Art and Cult exhibit. It celebrates the photography of legendary photographer Ernie Paniccioli. This collection of photographs gives guests a behind the scenes look into the early Hip-Hop scene through the lens of Paniccioli. If you read WordUp Magazine back in the day, you've probably seen a lot of his photos. Growing up, those magazine images had a major influence on me later as a photographer. There are dope photos of Tupac, Biggie, Naughty By Nature, Lauryn Hill, Fugees, Ice T, Chuck D, Queen Latifah and more. The Grammy Museum Experience is cool, cozy interactive museum where you can play instruments, created your own beats and video music performances.

On August 4th, we returned to see Uncle Ralph McDaniel's interview Ernie who shared his wisdom with the audience. Ernie answered my question about his contribution to the visual language of Hip-Hop. The DJs sisters, Amira and Kayla provided music.

Afterwards, outside I got the opportunity to meet Ralph and tell him I rushed home every afternoon to watch Video Music Box, lol. And surprisingly, I saw Martha Diaz who was I used to intern for at Yo! MTV Raps, when I was in college. Cool night!

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