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WITHIN REACH - Jordan Casteel Brushed Me Close

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

When I stepped off the elevator at the New Museum in NYC, the paintings by Jordan Casteel immediately grabbed my attention. I couldn't look away. It was as if I knew each person depicted in her paintings from their skin tone to their clothing and down to the patterns on their living room couches. A warmth of familiarity radiated from her artwork and spoke to my soul.

I thought, who is this artist? Mesmerized, I slowly wandered over Jordan Casteel's write up. She has a MFA from Yale, her paintings are influenced by her Harlem neighborhood and some of her subjects are her students from Rutgers University Newark where she teaches.

Then, I saw that her Within Reach exhibition was ending in 2 weeks. So, I knew I had to create a blog post about her work to share with others.

On the last week of the exhibit, I returned with a friend and she loved Jordan's work too!

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